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Why is it difficult for me to quit on my own?

Stopping the addiction can take time, but taking the decision to stop using drugs is an amazing step. Being addicted makes you afraid of what will happen if you don’t keep taking the drug. People often won't try quitting until they are forced to, because it may seem too difficult for them to do it on their own. 

When you stop using the drug, it upsets your body and brain. You may feel sick for some time, and you would have a strong urge to take the drug again. It can be really hard to refuse it when you feel that bad, but the end result will always be worth the effort. 

Just remember that you never have to go through it alone. 

How can I stop?

You can always meet people who understand what you're going through, who can give you advice, and who can cheer you up. They can also teach you how to cope with problems without the need to take drugs.

Don't do it alone, it can be difficult and you might feel disappointed if it fails. With someone you trust by your side, you know you can be ready for anything. 

It is always easier, and better, to stop with the help of a doctor or in a hospital. The hospital and its staff would never report your drug use and will, definitely, keep everything confidential. 

You might feel much better and free from drugs after some time, however, relapse is a possibility after a detox. In fact, staying sober can be hard because addiction does not only have physical effects. It is important to find support or a treatment that will help you overcome it and help you cope with problems without using drugs. You might have tried to quit alone, relapsed, and continued using drugs. Don't be discouraged, instead it can be the turning point for you to seek drastic changes, look for a team of professionals, and find the right support.

How can CDLL help me?

CDLL can help you stop using drugs. Many addicts came to CDLL and are now leading amazing lives. You deserve that too. We will help you:

  • Stop drugs
  • Relearn how to enjoy life without using drugs
  • Value yourself, regain your self-esteem, and rediscover your capabilities
  • Work on the problems your drug abuse has caused with your family, job, friends, and money
  • Stay away from people you used drugs with, and places where you used
  • Learn what makes you want to take it again. This way, you can avoid it or work on those feelings

Why is it always better to stop using and seek help?

  • You have the right to be happy without any substance use effect
  • You can stop the pain, reduce the risk of going to jail, and avoid death
  • You have the right to a peaceful conscious
  • You have the right to have friends
  • You have the right to fall in love again and find the right person
  • You have the right to have a decent job that you are good at
  • You will regain your self-esteem
  • You can be a person to rely on

What are the steps that I should take to stop?

You always have a way out, and it all starts with one step. 

What are the steps that I should take to stop?

Step 1: Deciding to quit, even if you are not 100% sure.

For this step, you have to sit, alone or with someone you trust, and think

Think about the harmful effects of your addiction. Make an honest list of the impacts that drugs have on your life (Physically, financially, school/work attendance, responsibilities, relationships, negative behaviors, hobbies, etc...).

Write down all the positive changes you may see when you quit. Ask yourself, “If I don’t stop using drugs, what might happen?”   

Step 2: Getting professional help

CDLL is always here to help you. You can directly call us to explain all the needed steps to you, or you can visit a doctor who would recommend that you check you into a hospital for a detox. After the detox, you should directly get a psycho-social intervention. Without this, it may lead to relapse or continued drug use. 

Always remember that addiction does not only have physical effects, but also mental and psychological. This means that you need psycho-social help on top of your physical detoxification. 


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