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Is it ok to try it once or from time to time?

It is a huge risk. All drugs may and will lead to addiction. Anyone who simply wants to try it never does so with the intention of becoming an addict. It just happens. All drug users have started out with the sole intention of trying it once or a few times. Someone with the plan to ‘give it a try’ will eventually become an occasional user, and that is a decision that is voluntary and controllable. As time goes on and the drug usage continues, the person goes from being a voluntary user to a compulsive one. This is a change that can happen without expecting it and can occur within a few weeks, months, or even years. It is unpredictable. 

How to say no and react to negative peer-pressure?

There is nothing more powerful than the word NO. Hold that word with confidence and don’t be afraid to use it. Just say “no”. In certain situations, simply saying the word no without a lot of arguing or explaining is the most effective response. You may feel that if you don’t go along with what they want, there is a possibility that they might laugh at you or mock you. They might see you as a weak person or avoid being your friend, but saying no will place you in a stronger and safer position that you would never regret. 

- Act like you don't think the idea was even worth discussing. No need to explain yourself.

- Leave the situation: if you think the others are going to do something you don't want to be involved in, just leave. You can make up an excuse, or you can say nothing at all. If you lead the way, others may follow.


What would happen if I can't say no to drugs?

Relationships: When drug use becomes an ongoing problem, you will start to see a lot of conflict between friends, partners, family, and colleagues. The conflicts will become more frequent and more common. 

Studies/Work: You might not notice the impact of drugs on your studies or work, but you will be noticing how difficult it will be to keep up with your assignments. You may start to lose focus and have trouble concentrating or memorizing your lessons. You may lose the motivation to continue and lose the ambition you once had that kept you striving for a better life. 

Financially: The more you use drugs, the more you become dependent on the action. You will start to feel the need to continuously purchase the substances to keep yourself satisfied. This can lead to a big struggle in your finances because you will be regularly spending a ton on drugs. 

Legally: The law prohibits the use of drugs. Not only would you have financial or social problems to deal with, but there is the added problem of getting into trouble with the law. 

Addiction: One day you won’t be able to function without taking drugs. Without even predicting it, the symptoms of addiction start to grow. You can never know when it will happen, it could be after a week, a month, or even a year. However, once it happens to you, you might not be able to control it.

Stress: You might think that drugs are the solution to your stress, that it will help you relax and forget about your issues. The long-term effects of drugs can have a big impact on the brain. Without knowing it, this will lead to anxiety and even more stress. The solution you went for to escape from your issues can even be the biggest factor in what is causing you more stress.

Drugs can even be a doorway to psychiatric disorders if the person was predisposed to them. Always keep in mind that no one can, fully, know his biological predisposition. So, think twice before giving it a try. 


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